Health : : Given the astral context, we can't promise you'll be in Olympic shape, but we can give you a few tips to feel better: a vitamin treatment to regain energy, and to relieve your joints, some gentle gymnastics followed by a hot bath. Flee stressful situations and conversations that are likely to build up a storm.

Work : : Beware! With Venus's charming aspects, you will be inclined to have your heart on your sleeve and your hand in your pocket, especially towards certain members of the opposite sex who will shamelessly use and abuse your generosity.

Love : : The planet Saturn is in a good position in your Sky and will influence the love area, instilling in you a need for seriousness and stability on the marital front. And, with the arrival of Venus, you will be more sensual and charming. Your partner will likely be the one to enjoy these happy conditions. If you are single, the stars will inspire you extreme sensitivity and emotivity today. You will dream of great passions, of great romantic adventures. Just like in the movies! Be careful though, and keep your feet on the ground. Thanks to this aspect of Jupiter, you should be able to increase your income, or stabilise it at least.

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