General Conditions of Sale

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General Conditions of Sale established on 26/10/2020


The following General Conditions of Sale define the conditions under which the service will be used. The service will be provided by Web Dragon LTD - Carlyle House, Lower Ground Floor, 235-237 Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1V 1EJ, London, United Kingdom, in (hereinafter “”). These General Conditions of Sale are expressly valid for all Customers of, irrespective of whether their use is free of charge or not, and irrespective of where they are used, whether in Europe or abroad. These General Conditions of Sale are constituent parts of the contract. Diverging conditions on the part of the Customer shall not be accepted. By subscribing, the Customer acknowledges he/she has read and understood the General Conditions of Sale and has accepted them. The Customer accepts these General Conditions of Sale by declaring his/her consent by clicking the box provided for this purpose, i.e. “I accept the General Conditions of Sale”. The General Conditions of Sale are an integral part of the contract.

1 - Scope of the contract

(1) The purpose of the contract is the use of the service by customers registered for this service and made available on its website. (2) provides customers with access to its services for a registration fee, an administration fee and a monthly subscription fee (see article 2 below). To this end, the customer must fill in a form established according to specific criteria.

2 - Conclusion of the contract

(1) The use of the service implies prior registration by the Customer. Registration is free. The Customer thus concludes a free contract with under the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The customer who subscribes to must pay the sum of €3,90€ for the delivery of his/her daily horoscope either by Email or SMS or both over a one-year period, to which is automatically added a €20 administration fee and an additional monthly subscription fee of €19.90 that will allow the Customer to invite as many people he/she wishes and who will also receive their daily horoscope for as long as the subscription is in effect. This service is billable at €19.90/month, for a minimum duration of 3 months, after which the service is tacitly renewable. (2) By agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Customer accepts the conclusions of the above-mentioned contract and therefore waives his/her right to contest the costs incurred. If the customer wishes to terminate the subscription, he/she should contact customer service using the “Customer Service” link in the customer interface. The termination request may be placed with three months' minimum notice from the date of the request and only if the termination date occurs once the three months' commitment period linked to the agreement to the contract and/or the General Terms and Conditions of Sale has elapsed. If the customer cancels their contract during the first three months of the contract, the request will be taken into account at the end of the obligatory three-month period.

3 - Conditions of use

(1) The subscription bought by the Customer shall not be shared with other persons and is not transferable. The Customer undertakes not to grant access to this service voluntarily or through negligence to other persons. (2)The Customer shall notify without delay of any changes to his/her personal information which is required for the proper performance of the service provided under the contract: this applies in particular regarding changes in the validity date of the credit card or bank details used for connecting to the service. (3) The Customer agrees to comply with the non-disclosure obligation. Customer is not allowed, without the author's express prior permission, to create, disseminate or transfer in any way to a third party or make accessible: (4) The Customer agrees to use the services provided for private purposes only, i.e. for no other purpose than personal communication. Commercial or industrial use of the service platform in any form is prohibited. This implies, but not exclusively, that the service may not be used for advertising or offering goods or services or for transferring/disseminating a third party's personal information. (5) The Customer agrees to abide by the terms of use in view of protecting the other customers of The Customer shall not misuse the service of This implies in particular, but not exclusively that the Customer is not allowed to: violate the dignity and human rights and/or general rights of other customers, issue or circulate illegal files or other materials on a customer's profile using the service (in particular reputation damaging, slanderous or pornographic material). Contacting customers with deceptive intent—using other customers in any way or harassing them in any way. (6) The Customer agrees not to undertake anything that could disrupt or endanger the proper functioning and uninterrupted accessibility of the service in any way. This includes specifically, but is not limited to: sending mass messages, saving files, software or other contaminated data in the Customer profile or disseminating such files through the service, saving any material (image, text, software, etc.) that could violate the intellectual property of a third party and/or for which the Customer cannot produce proof of right of use in a customer profile or propagating it via the service. (7) may check all the documents and information saved on the Customer profiles for inappropriate and illegal use. may also check compliance with the above terms and conditions and/or conformity with a valid special right as well as the guarantee of unperturbed operation and availability of the service. However, is not obliged to do so. In the event of an observed violation, is entitled to delete or modify any information and document and to block access. Where there is a doubt, is entitled to make the final decision concerning the admissibility of the use in question. Unauthorized use/operation of the service may be subject to civil or penal sanctions. (8) The Customer agrees to send all communication to either by email to the addresses mentioned on the websites or by postal mail, unless under these terms and conditions other means of contact have been expressly transmitted to the Customer on the website. will transfer any communication to the connected Customer as a general rule by means of a screen mask. may also contact the Customer using the email mentioned in the profile. (9) The Customer is aware of and accepts that any content uploaded to the website can be viewed by the members who appear on the customer's recommendation list, even if the other members have subscribed to the online services through the company's other websites or its partners. (10) The Customer is aware and accepts that may send messages on his/her behalf to help the Customer become more familiar with the platform and to get in touch with other members. The Customer may disable this feature in his/her profile at any time.

4 - Cancellation and refund policy

Given that all services are in digital form only, by accepting these terms and conditions of service, the user confirms that he/she understands that the services will be considered as provided to the user from the moment that a specific digital content (horoscopes) has been made available by the provider. In accordance with the provisions of EU Directive 2011/83/EU issued by the European Parliament and Council on October 25, 2011 on consumer protection, the user confirms that he/she understands that the digital content made available to him/her cannot be cancelled and returned to the provider. The provider is not obliged to refund cancellations of services that were provided to the user prior to the cancellation. The user may cancel the subscription at any time at no additional cost. In this case, the user will only be asked to pay for the services that were provided prior to the cancellation. To process the cancellation, the user must fill out a cancellation form on the website or send an email to the provider (email address: ) mentioning the following information: in the subject line, the user must mention “Cancellation of the agreement” and the body of the message must include a last name, a first name and an email address. Following receipt of this request, the company will answer, detailing the methods of cancellation according to the stage of commitment of the subscription.