Health : : You certainly won't be lacking in energy! You will want to achieve your goals very quickly. It certainly won't be a good idea to try to get in your way because you might turn nasty.

Work : : If you are concerned about your financial situation, the best solution today is to keep up your efforts and keep your affairs in order, supported by Mercury in a positive aspect. Most of all though, don't build castles in the air and don't expect to get through by speculating or gambling.

Love : : Understanding will prevail. You will build long term projects with your spouse or partner. You will be adored, wildly loved and, in turn, you will feel a renewed passion for your partner. If you are single, you will feel a pressing need to be loved. Worry not! Thanks to the good services of Jupiter, this time, you will be rewarded with beautiful demonstrations of attachment and affection, and you will be fulfilled.

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