Health : : You will be full of punch and drive! Since you need to spend all this energy, you might as well do it in the best of conditions. In your case, a sports activity should be ideal. However, avoid so-called extreme sports which are too dangerous for the time being and would put you at insane risk.

Work : : Uranus and Neptune will be in your money area. Their negative combination could unbalance your budget, by exposing you to unforeseen expenses which will be difficult to avoid, or by sparking misunderstandings with your creditors or debtors.

Love : : A day of happiness for couples in love. But don't become complacent, as the beneficial influences of Venus will be short-lived. Always remember to nurture tolerance. For single people, the harmonious aspects of Saturn will make you more attractive and sexy than usual. Use this to put a little more spice in your life. Beware though and make sure to choose your partners well, otherwise you might run into all kinds of complications. The trick is to pick roses without getting scratched!

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