Health : : As far as willpower is concerned, you rule! But if you need to shed a few pounds, no need to put your health at risk by subjecting yourself to a drastic diet. Limiting your fat and sugar intake will do the trick, thanks to the support of Mercury in charming aspect.

Work : : Excellent day to organise a few discussions about your finances, and your placements if you have any. Meditate on the advice you receive and follow it. Some good deals are possible right now. What's more, why not upgrade your home? But don't break the bank!

Love : : Deep happy moments of joy and love with your loved one, thanks to Jupiter in splendid aspect. Your marital happiness will be all the greater if you show your spouse or partner your love with sincerity and enthusiasm. Single? With such a configuration of Venus, get ready to experience great love. You may be wildly independent, but you won't be able to dodge Cupid's arrow which will strike you in the heart!

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