Health : : Your resistance will be higher than before. This is because Mars, the master of energy, will increase your dynamism tenfold. All of you who want to take up a sports activity should take advantage of this support to do so!

Work : : Financially, you will feel the irresistible urge to empty out your bank account as soon as it is somewhat replenished. You might be well advised to put a little money aside.

Love : : Your couple life will be pleasant, but on the whole, this area will be of little concern to you. You will be able to build a solid bond with your spouse or your partner, who will support you efficiently. Those of you who are single, with several planets influencing your sign, will need to shine and charm. You will also enjoy the support of Venus, the goddess of love, who will breathe intense desires into you. The slightest spark will set you on fire.

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