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  • Daily Horoscope. Aries

    Today you risk to become the ideal buyer (it is the one, who overbuys everything without analysis). It would be better, if you wouldn't be let out of your home.

    Daily Horoscope. Taurus

    Today you should be very cautious. The negligence will cost too much and even may bring on big troubles. Let that trouble, which you hardly avoid in the beginning of day, will become a warning for you.

    Daly Horoscope. Gemini

    While you would remain within the framework of prudence, everything would go like clockwork. But, as soon as you, having accepted a devil-may-care attitude, would conceive the idea to go on risk, the Fortune would turn your back on.

    Daaily Horoscope. Cancer

    Today the disarming honesty would be your trump. This tactics would help to crack down on even the most severe opponent, for there would be nothing he could say to that. But you should remember that this way is good only with the people with quantity of convolutions more then two.

    Daily Horoscope. Leo

    The strict, scientific approach to an essence of a problem and the intuitive decisions should go today hand in hand. Do not stuff your head with the formalized circuits, they help only then, when the intuition does not work.

    Daily Horoscope. Virgo

    Today your shoulder will be very useful to someone as a handkerchief. Consider that you are lucky, already if you would have time to squeeze it out.

    Daily Horoscope. Libra

    Today somebody can play a silly and very insulting joke on you. It is not necessary to fall into fury. That is exactly what you are waited to do. Better pretend that you have noticed nothing.

    Daily Horoscope. Scorpio

    Who has told, what through walls is hard to see? Your internal forces increased by strong feelings are able to overcome even more serious obstacles.

    Daily Horoscope. Sagittarius

    Whatever you would be engaged today, your time won't be spent in vain.

    Daily Horoscope. Capricorn

    The today will require changes. Of opinions, for example. In general, look for an alternative to everything that doesn't suit you absolutely. There is always enough of such things.

    Daily Horoscope. Aquarius

    Today is your turn to dance on someone's nerves. Whether you will take advantage of an opportunity or not - it is your own business.

    Daily Horoscope. Pisces

    Today you will be uncontrollably attracted by everything that has the rectilinear geometrical form. It is better to be especially careful with tetrahedron, their corners are the sharpest.

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