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  • Daily Horoscope. Aries

    Today you should try to find an invisible point of balance between personal feelings and mutual relation with other people. Try to commit fewer follies, there is already enough of them.

    Daily Horoscope. Taurus

    The dreams will follow you all the day not giving you the rest. Nothing will irritate you as heavily as banality. Well that, this is that mood, when you could make something useful.

    Daly Horoscope. Gemini

    If somebody knows that you need now, that is you and nobody more. And it does not depend on anybody but you, whether you would find it or not.

    Daaily Horoscope. Cancer

    It doesn't cost to be over-modest. Let environmental to incense for you and fife in fanfares in honor of you. Let them to have a good time, if they want. Especially because it will be pleasant for you.

    Daily Horoscope. Leo

    The rules of game can change. Today they will do so with the large degree of probability. Try to keep abreast of events in other case you risk to get in a silly situation.

    Daily Horoscope. Virgo

    Today you may get new relations, some of which will stay useful, some - will become friendly. You should do yourself justice.

    Daily Horoscope. Libra

    Today all forces should be given to new undertakings let others finish the old businesses. It is not necessary to be especially afraid to leave something unfinished, the work will still be there tomorrow.

    Daily Horoscope. Scorpio

    Conceiving dispute today, try to adhere a defensive position, waiting, while the opponent begin to contradict himself. Your reasons won't be listened to now.

    Daily Horoscope. Sagittarius

    Today, having had a look somewhere without special need to do it, you may see there the absolute disorder and people desperately try to cope with it. You won't be able to pass by, you will take part in the process of solving that problem and will spend all the day for it. May be, it will be better not to show excessive curiosity?

    Daily Horoscope. Capricorn

    It's better not to inform environmental if you are self-assured or not. Make up an expression of obstinacy at your face and nobody would guess that you hesitate.

    Daily Horoscope. Aquarius

    Today your tongue will, probably, falter slightly, though there will be no reason for it. For not to make a fool of yourself, use the language of hands, legs and other parts of your body more actively.

    Daily Horoscope. Pisces

    Today you will feel yourself better, remaining in loneliness. It hardly will be possible to you, so try, at least, to protect yourself from noise.

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